Quattro Enduro Motor Mover
Quattro Enduro Motor Mover

Simple to use remote control Motor Mover system, directs your Caravan into any position required. Rotate your Caravan 360 degrees, working on most surfaces in most conditions, this system is extremly reliable. You can control the system when going up or downhill up to a gradient of 1 in 4 as well as hitching up to your car, and unhitching from your car.

Supplied with a complete fitting kit, including cables, clamps, p-clips, cable ties, chassis stops, convoluted cable trunking, control board and remote control.


The Enduro Quattro comes with a 5 year warranty and Serenity have been fitting them for over 5 years now. Probably the best quality motor mover on the market for the money today, plus the turning circle for a 2 wd mover, very nearly compares with that of a 4wd one at twice the price.


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Direct Drive

Rotates 360 Degrees

Works on Most Surfaces

Price Includes Delivery

Complete Fitting Kit

Optional Fitting Available
(at an additional cost)

5 Year Warranty

Soft Start